April 7, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Link Dump

The players union is considering a collusion suit against the owners.

Huston Street has no structural damage to his shoulder.

Ichiro is now eligible for the Hall of Fame as he begins his 10th MLB season.

Baseball Prospectus has a nice Q&A with Jim Thome.

Jim Callis at BA answers what MLB can do to punish teams that don't buy in to "draft slotting".

Yankees president Randy Levine and Brewers owner Mark Attanasio are having a catfight.

The Biz of Baseball has 5 questions for ESPN's Rob Neyer.

Foreign born players in MLB now make up 27% of the league, down from 29% in 2005.

MLB is asking the creditors of Tom Hicks to sign off on the sale to Chuck Greenberg.

Matt Snyder at Fanhouse has his opening day over-reactions.

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